We believe in thinking outside the box when it comes to education.  Yes, we still use traditional methods for teaching, however, we combine them with strategic, innovative tactics that will help bring your child to their full potential while moving at their individual, unique pace.    Indian Land Academy wants to empower your child to be their best!   You will receive a daily report about your child's day and their progress.  Parents are encouraged to visit anytime! 


Infants spend a lot of time eating, sleeping and playing.  They will be nurtured and cared for in a loving environment.  They will be introduced to sensory integrated activities to help them reach their cognitive, social and developmental milestones.  Babies enjoy being held and cuddled. 


Toddlers are ready to play!  Through a variety of hands-on fun, we integrate educational activities into playtime.  They will still have plenty of free play and quiet time.  Our curriculum incorporates growth through academic games and indoor/outdoor physical activities; while they are cultivating positive iterations with their peers.  Teachers will promote independence at meal times.

Early Preschool

Two and three year olds are full of energy, so their curriculum offers plenty of hands-on activities where children learn through play. Monthly themes encourage problem solving, language development, creativity and a positive self-esteem. We also concentrate on potty training and self-help skills.  We foster an environment that encourages your little one to make good choices as they learn and grow through learning centers.


There is no denying that preschoolers are eager to learn.  As they gear up for kindergarten, we want to make sure that we prepare them with the necessary tools they will need.  As our teachers focus on building literacy skills, they will continue to facilitate a nurturing demeanor.  Your child will experience hands-on math, science, reading, art and music.  Educational software is introduced during the preschool phase through computers and tablets.